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Brace Yourself For

Do you always worry about the small things? Well so do the users of, and their new ad is here to show that they know what you care about.

This hilarious advert gives a charming theatrical element to the little things that matter to us when we go away. The air dryer, the complimentary slippers, sand. Also eggs.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 13.20.06
Starting in a mock serious tone, the voice over soon becomes more and more ridiculous until he eventually is just saying words.

By highlighting the eccentric, and exaggerating the ridiculousness of human nature, this advert makes people laugh and connects with them based on their own holiday experiences. It’s practically perfect material to potentially go viral too, although it does lack any cats singing along to We Built This City. (If this has somehow slipped by then click here now.)

This is’s first out of house campaign and Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam have done a brilliant job for them. Having said all this though, if you head over to the website it’s a little dull. It’s  easy to navigate, but it doesn’t correlate with the awesomeness portrayed in their advert which is a shame.

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