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Brace Yourself For

Do you always worry about the small things? Well so do the users of, and their new ad is here to show that they know what you care about. … Continue reading

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GIRLS (& Snapchat)

A little late to the game on this post, but I still wanted to highlight why I love this so much. Many of you may be fans of the popular … Continue reading

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Camp Nectar are growing their brand.

Forget building a brand up in any conventional way, Camp Nectar have really had a new look here with this campaign to highlight how pure their juice is. Growing the … Continue reading

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It’s not it’s length, it’s how you use it.

Remember the days of an ad-free Youtube? They were bliss. Obviously as someone trying to get into the ad world I shouldn’t be saying this, but everyone would agree with … Continue reading

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I don’t want to say better… but it’s the truth.

Following last years Bradvertisement I really think Chanel have upped their game here. Marilyn is an icon. To me she oozes beauty, style, glamour. I know that she had an … Continue reading

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It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas!

IT’S CHRISTMASSSSSS! Or at least officially the run up now. In the last week three of the top Christmas adverts have come out, and has already started to get me … Continue reading

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Pepsi vs. Coke

I love it when brands interact with each other, and even more when they are in direct competition with one another. (See how they’ve written Cola-Coca to avoid any legal … Continue reading

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It’s not happening here, but it is happening now.

The images above are part of a campaign run by Amnesty International in Switzerland. It’s all well and good knowing about the work that Amnesty do, but we are still … Continue reading

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I’ve been jammy to jam with JAM.

Excuse my absence from here recently, I’ve been off galavanting away on adventures. Well, one adventure. I’ve been interning back up in Manchester for JAMpr – and have loved every … Continue reading

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Film Adverts (Competition time!)

One of the most enjoyable parts of going to the cinema I now find is the adverts. Previously is was  to see the new films coming out, but now I … Continue reading

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