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It’s not it’s length, it’s how you use it.

Remember the days of an ad-free Youtube? They were bliss. Obviously as someone trying to get into the ad world I shouldn’t be saying this, but everyone would agree with me. Why do I want to watch a 30 second clip of a car driving through a desert when I’ve seen it before on my tv? It’s for this reason I will just click “Skip Ad” after the compulsory few unimaginative seconds of video that are thrust upon me.

What troubles me most though is how creative companies could be with their adverts. Yes 5 seconds isn’t a lot, but it’s all you need to catch someone’s attention. Take a look at Vine. How many of thousands of people are regular creating interesting and creative content on there? It’s incredible seeing how people have adapted to this platform. A personal favourite of mine are UsTwoDuo, who do 6-second covers of songs. (Remember to click un mute.)

And regarding how brands have adapted, check out these Vines from Volkswagen to advertise Shark Week:

Companies are missing out on a huge audience of “skippers” and need to address this issue. They need to get on Vine and get some inspiration. It’s not about how long the advert is, it’s how you use the time.

Oreo’s shared a brilliant how-to guide on turning their cookies into sprinkles:

And then these two brilliant ones from Coca-Cola:

and my personal favourite so far…
As long as the brand is involved companies should have no problem outsourcing this to creative agencies to give them a series of short ads. It’s these sort of campaigns that are more memorable, and the type that go viral. Remember the Panda commercials I looked at way back when? These 30″ ads are hilarious, but the first 5 seconds wouldn’t convince me to keep watching. Someone needs the up their game, so we can skip skipping.

2 comments on “It’s not it’s length, it’s how you use it.

  1. Jemma
    January 20, 2014
    • adstonishing
      January 20, 2014

      Wonderful doesn’t even begin to describe! That is brilliant!

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