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I don’t want to say better… but it’s the truth.

Following last years Bradvertisement I really think Chanel have upped their game here. Marilyn is an icon. To me she oozes beauty, style, glamour. I know that she had an exceptionally high IQ, alongside a lot of health issues, but her image is beauty.

This 30″ advert is the cut down version of a promotional film from the company which is well worth a watch too, just click here. Marilyn and Nº5 shows a relationship between a woman and her perfume. I can’t speak for the female population, or indeed for the entire male population too, but I hold a very close attachment to my fragrance of choice.

This advert is honest, sweet and a little bit cheeky. Hearing this part of an interview from Marilyn is so much more meaningful than having someone tell us what she wore to bed. This is concrete, and much more memorable. Obviously Chanel will never not be a luxurious brand, but this advert really cements the label for me and the classic appeal they still hold.

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