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It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas!



Or at least officially the run up now. In the last week three of the top Christmas adverts have come out, and has already started to get me in the Christmas mood. I really love these adverts . They are all a mixture of sweet, family geared and leave me with a silly grin on my face after watching them.

I’ll start with the Coca-Cola advert. As far I’m aware as soon as this hits the screens the countdown begins. Shops have already got busier this week, and it’s only going to get more and more hectic festive from here on in.

Although as they do maintain brilliant branding over Christmas, I can’t say I can ever recall drinking Coca-Cola on Christmas Day. This advert is now a classic though. It adds the excitement and anticipation of Christmas, alongside with the real trucks that hit the streets too. They’ve added an official hashtag #holidaysarecoming to the end, jumping on the social media bandwagon too. This advert has been running the last few years now, and although it’s so memorable, I’d like to see something a bit more exciting at one point. Especially when you taken the next two adverts into account.

Next on the list is Marks & Spencer, or Magic & Sparkle as they are known during these months. And they live up to the name beautifully with this star-studded advert.

I love how you follow the story from Rosie down the rabbit hole, stepping into the gingerbread house, being taken on a magic carpet ride to the wonderful world of Oz, and  finally ending up home. Oh, and who can not be utterly thrilled by Helena Bonham Carter! (I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Johnny Depp is playing the dog here…) There’s a mix of links at the end as well featuring behind the scenes footage and interesting which is worth a watch too. The aesthetics are beautiful from start to finish and this does capture the magic of Christmas I remember as a child.

M&S are now pushing the dog on their Twitter now with a campaign to name it. I’m not as sure about this, it seems a tad on the tackier side, but I’m sure it’s popular with some people. (I must mention how brilliant their customer interaction is on Twitter though. Top marks for customer service!)

Finally is John Lewis. This advert really brings me back to my childhood, with cartoons like Animals of Farthing Wood and Winnie the Pooh. It’s sweet, beautifully illustrated and I am overjoyed that Lily Allen has provided the music for the advert.

The animals’ emotions are conveyed perfectly, the story is easy to follow and this is a perfect advert for children to watch. It builds a view of the brand, John Lewis don’t need to sell something to people, all they need is to reinforce their brand. The story is even coming out as an interactive eBook on iPad & Android and they even have a bear cave in certain stores for children to visit. If I still rated adverts on this blog this would get full marks.

3 comments on “It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas!

  1. Sean Smithson
    November 11, 2013

    “Although as they do maintain brilliant branding over Christmas, I can’t say I can ever recall drinking Coca-Cola on Christmas Day.” Very true.

    Yet it wouldn’t be Christmas without their adverts somehow.

    • adstonishing
      November 11, 2013

      Exactly! This is why they are so good at what they do! Plus they must save a fortune just rerunning the advert as opposed to making new ones every year.

      • Sean Smithson
        November 11, 2013


        On a separate note, I’d read a lot of hype about the JL advert but refused to watch it… Just have and I guess I can see where all the talk has come from.

        Thanks for sharing these clips.

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