My look at adverts, marketing techniques and social media that have that something special.

It’s not happening here, but it is happening now.

The images above are part of a campaign run by Amnesty International in Switzerland. It’s all well and good knowing about the work that Amnesty do, but we are still detached, as luckily we don’t deal with these issues on a daily basis. What this campaign does is bring the horrors some people face into our streets making their work so much more important and real.

This campaign is effective as it brings the terror to your streets, and with each poster being unique and individually made this is shock tactics being used at its best.  There isn’t much else that needs to be said about this though as the images are powerful enough.

Finally, the work that goes into this astounds me. Taking the initial photo in the exact spot, then editing and manipulating it perfectly seems like a big task. Aside from the important message being sent  you have to admire the technical work in this and applaud the brains responsible for this campaign.

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