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Be More Dog

From dancing ponies to species confused felines, animal’s certainly are the way to a consumer’s heart. This campaign is fun, different, and certainly grabs my attention.

What I love so much about this branding is the integration it has had within digital media. The explosion of interaction on Twitter has really made me laugh, where O2, Innocent Smoothies, Tango and Betfair have all got on in on a little joke which had a feature over at The Drum.

Swipe the iPhone (left) and then watch the cat catch the frisbee.

Swipe the iPhone (left) and then watch the cat catch the frisbee.

This works brilliantly at building a brand, bringing people in and helping to stand out. Furthermore O2 have a microsite where you can play frisbee with a cat.

It’s not just a normal internet game though, they’ve really put time into this. You hook up your smartphone to laptop over wi-fi and use that to throw the frisbee for the cat. It’s simple but purrfectly executed.

I did try this with my cat afterwards though and she was a little less involved that the virtual counterpart.

Animals have certainly played a big part in advertising, and I certainly enjoy the cat/dog discussions this have sparked over Andrex’s scrunch or fold, and I doubt they are being shooed away anywhere. I’ll leave you with The Guardian’s Top 5 Animal Ads to look at though.

One comment on “Be More Dog

  1. Afambewbew (@Afam20)
    March 24, 2014

    i loved that ad

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