My look at adverts, marketing techniques and social media that have that something special.

Out & Adbout

A lot of what I have been posting on this blog has mainly focused on things either on the internet or television. Both these things are great, especially digital as a growing platform, but today I have set myself a new challenge.

My plan is to look out more. When I’m out and about, even if it’s just to and from work, I’m on a quest for what I’m calling “day-to-day” adverts. Trains, buses, billboards. Even flyers handed out, it’s important to see these things around me, as opposed to off a screen.

Today I saw two that caught my eye. The first was a mortgage advert, which was a poster on my train to work.


At first I thought the ad looked a little boring, but after reading it the copywriting was fantastic. It’s simple, sharp and snappy. It’s references and humour definitely appeal to a younger audience, who are the perfect target market as it is this generation who need to begin to think about mortgages and other dull things. This helps introduce it in a smart way.

The next advert I saw was inside Reading Oracle.


The whole fake newspaper thing is pretty old now, but I still think this is funny. It’s the child in me who loves the idea of someone exploding at eating too much. An amusing concept for Monty Python fans, less so if you’ve seen Se7en… Either way I enjoyed it and thought I would share it.

Next time you leave the house just have a look out for adverts. Are there any that pop out? If so comment below, I’d love to see some!

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