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Secret Messages

Originally I saw this advert before I created this blog, and I’m so glad to have found it again. Made by the Spanish organisation ANAR to help prevent child abuse, this bus advert is one of the smartest bits of advertising I think I’ve ever seen. The poster to any adult walking by reads “Sometimes child abuse is only visible for a child who suffers” but anyone under this height sees a hidden message. The technical term for this process is called lenticular printing.

View from over 4ft 5"

View from over 4ft 5″

This poster has two main aims. One is to send a message to young children who need support getting the help they may need without alerting those who may be abusing them.

The science behind it

The science behind it

The brilliance and simplicity of this is outstanding. Although it doesn’t take direct action, and limits the audience to only those young children who can read, the principle is still incredible. Even if it saves one child from an abusive home it is worth it too. Additionally the campaign raises awareness in general, which is never a bad thing.

View from under 4ft 5"

View from under 4ft 5″

The image could be seen as shocking or somewhat disturbing, but it’s incredibly powerful and could theoretically work spectacularly.

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