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Nothing Beats An Astronaut

At first I wasn’t really sure what this advert could be for. Most likely beer, or something else on the macho-scheme of things with the classics damsel in distress theme. The misdirection is amazing though, and really made this advert stand out at me. I saw it in the IMAX, and my laughing could probably be heard above all others. The image reminded me of the astronaut/cowboy storyline of Doctor Who (hopefully I’m not the only one thinking about that!)

I don’t know if it’s the craziness of the astronaut just appearing on the beach, or the theme of all the dramatic music, but this advert is hilarious. In a way I think it may be too good. It wasn’t until the second or third time I watched it that it clicked that they were actually sending someone into space. Unfortunately the competition is closed now, so my feet will be staying firmly on the ground. However, I think it’s a great branding image to do something like this, albeit jumping on the Red Bull spacewagon.

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