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Breaking Boundaries.

Before reading on I urge you to watch the video.

I was shocked when I saw this for the first time. Not in a bad way though, but by the bravery of Toyota for making this advert. Toyota have really pushed the boat out here. Taking concepts from previous car adverts with the sex appeal car models can generally have, they have bent the rules and created more than an advert.

The model used is 19-year-old Stav Strashko, who has previously modelled women’s clothing as well.

This smart campaign I feel could be received in a multiple number of ways. It’s shocking, and although in no way offensive, some people may not like it. I could write pages and pages on how this breaks rules and boundaries on the social view of androgyny, but that’s not the main issue of the advert.

The text at the ends translates as  “Not trendy, not casual, not for everyone.” Any while this advert might not be for everyone, it’s doing the job outstandingly.

It’s telling us cars don’t have a set gender, marketing towards both men and women, whilst still pushing a sexy image.

I just think it is a shame that this got banned in Japan, but I wonder if the UK would be ready for a campaign like this?

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