My look at adverts, marketing techniques and social media that have that something special.

Advertise for Now.

Beyoncé is possibly one of the hottest things out there right now, in every aspect. She’s hard to escape in modern-day popular culture. I’ve even heard people quote WWBD, “What Would Beyoncé Do?”

This article from AdAge talks about the behind the scenes of the advert, stating Beyoncé was very hands on with its creation, given that it is presenting her image. It may have cost them ¢50 million last year, but to have Beyoncé as a brand ambassador is a major plus for Pepsi to really grab some extra attention, and that’s exactly what this ad does.

Pepsi’s new “Live for Now” slogan is worked in well, and with Beyoncé reciting it, it comes off like a mantra. She manages to self promote too, facing her past creations to her current single “Grown Woman,” it covers her career span with some of her greatest hits.

Youtube footage of Beyoncé was released on Wednesday too with news of an announcement. Fans all over the world were in speculation about another album, single… Anything was possible. The advert, I feel, lives up to the hype and she is a tremendous image for the brand.

Finally although I’m not a huge Beyoncé fan, I think this advert is amazing. The mirrored choreography is perfect, the music is addictive, and you can see the time and effort put in has really paid off. Normally I’d make a “funny” quip here about Beyoncé probably not drinking normal Pepsi, but I won’t, as this advert is spot on.

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