My look at adverts, marketing techniques and social media that have that something special.

Advertising MAX

This advert got linked to me on twitter sometime in the last week and I’ve pushed myself to post as a “mini-break” from my dissertation.

Though I’m not sure how this links to Pepsi Max, except the hidden camera, the video is so entertaining to watch. It reminds me of all the reality shows I used to watch growing up with the likes of Dom Joly screaming down an oversized telephone which used to be the funniest thing ever.

As you see the guy turn from shock, to fear, to pure anger and then what I’m assuming is confusion at the end, (although really you want him to punch someone), it’s a great prank. There’s a nagging thought though where I think there’s a lot of Red Bull advertising tactics here, with the high adrenaline and crazy stunt that is pulled.

How useful is this for an advert though? It’s ideal use is the internet and social media market, pushing it that way. I don’t see its place on television, unless shown within a show, purely because of its length. I think the cinema would work but judging by its 30million+ views on YouTube I think they’ve got it right for now.

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