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Full Bean Advertising?

I’m really in two minds about this advert. On one hand I think it’s great that MacDonald’s have tried to expand the business but can they ever really be a coffee shop? For me it’s fast food, and I doubt  I will ever mix my Filet-O-Fish with a cappuccino.

The conversations are good though, the little snip bits don’t sound too exaggerated and scripted. There are fairly believable things to say over coffee, however some seem a bit out of place. (Would you tell you’re brother/sister you were having a baby in McDonald’s? I suppose they should be having a Happy Meal if anything…)

Still, I like it has a comic edge to it, “I spent an hour today talking about stapler’s…” I can imagine that being a line in a tv show. My issue is that I don’t think it matches McDonald’s. If you disagree I apologies, maybe I need to broaden my mind. That should be what this advert does though, but I think it fails. Yes I might consider getting a coffee now I know it’s not just instant there, but that’s only if I was getting something else too. If they think people are going to stray from Starbucks for there McLatté they are seriously deluded.


One comment on “Full Bean Advertising?

  1. Bryan Lee
    March 20, 2013

    I think McDonald’s trying really hard to get emotional response from the audience with this ad

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