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The moment this advert came onto my screen at home, it has been talked about amongst my group of friends since. It’s fun, it’s silly and has no point.

Now generally this isn’t the thing I say makes a good advert, but here we have an exception. Yes juvenile videos like this have been used before, but generally these lack purpose. The idea here is that the silly stuff matters, and where does silly stuff live now? The internet. This links beautifully with 3 as a network as they claim to be the “internet network”.I particularly loved the word “internetting” used at the end. It’s new, it’s fun and makes sense. Little things like this can be what makes adverts influence our culture, whereas we are generally used to culture influencing our adverts.

The use of Fleetwood Mac too helps this advert reach a much wider age range too. It’s a popular song, known by many generations. It’s unlikely too that someone is going to hate too. You may say I’m just making an assumption, but I don’t care. It’s Fleetwood Mac.

I’ve seen people on twitter too hashtagging #danceponydance this week, it’s clearly doing the rounds and going viral is any advertisers dream. And if that isn’t enough there’s The Pony Mixer too. Go and experience this for yourself, it’s so much fun.

Content 7/10

Memorability 9/10

Originality 7/10

Aesthetics 7/10

Overall 8/10

Is the Pony the new Meerkat though?

3 comments on “#advertise3advertise

  1. Beau
    March 8, 2013

    I would question the fact that is ‘fun, silly and no point’.
    The point of the advert is to say that people are more interested in consuming content (often that is fun and silly) on their mobile these days, then they are in how many minutes and calls they get now. This is true especially now contracts are allowing unlimited allowances now. Three’s marketing team know what their products strengths are, and they are marketing it at.

    • adstonishing
      March 8, 2013

      Of course the advert has point. A lot of adverts you can see what they mean by the video, not the writing at the end. Without the writing here the advert would have no point at all, just a dancing pony.
      The point of the advert is that in a way it has no point. What is the point in a lot of Internet videos? There isn’t, they are fun, they are silly and they do have no point. 3 have merely utilised this and are openly admitting that it is fun.

  2. chuddersx
    March 9, 2013

    Reblogged this on morwennachudleigh and commented:
    Who dosnt love this xx

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