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Glare(s) of Jealousy?


On my bus journey to work at the weekend I was casually glancing out of the window and saw this advert. There isn’t too much to say on this really, so I’ll keep this post short…

I love Aussie products, my hair always feels great after using them and this advert really promotes them well, and truthfully.

I found the wordplay to be initially very smart, though a bit confusing. I feel like it should say “glares” instead but then the idea of light glare doesn’t work. The concept is good, but the execution could be done better.

I think this is a perfect idea of a great idea, but just slightly falls short of what it could achieve. I’d have presented this with the woman walking down the street in vibrant colour, whilst everything else is a little less saturated and you see the glares of jealousy. One step further would to even have her hair almost aggressively bright to exaggerate the point.

Content 6/10

Memorability 5/10

Originality 7/10

Aesthetics 5/10

Overall 5/10

Although this has potential, I don’t think Aussie are going to be get jealous glares from this campaign.

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