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The Superbowl & Popular Culture

So surprise surprise sport isn’t my biggest interest but it’s quite hard to ignore the Superbowl completely. The buzz round the entire of Sunday was so fun to watch, but there was very little chance of me watching it. After a day at work I was more interested in my bed than staying up until the early hours trying to understand what I like to think of as Rugby in Wonderland.

But this is a massive event, even with its own day, so I took a look at the hype around the adverts the next day and the “Leon Sandcastle” seems to be the thing that stood out the most.

Now I’ve had to watch this a few times, and done some reading around the topic to make sure I fully comprehend what is going on with all the sports references etc. and now I have, it’s a pretty good advert. It reminds me of when you see those failed pop stars get recycled back through X-Factor, though this is far more uplifting and funny.

I love the wig, that sly little look he gives it and the way it’s worn. The way he says “Sandcastle” too, the way anyone does when they are trying to invent a name. (My mind takes me to Peter Griffin in Family Guy here..)

It’s a really good brand promoter, I’m not sure how long I’ll remember it as not much of it speaks to me personally, but this was the supposedly the best of the bunch so I’d thought I’d take a gander.

Content 6/10

Memorability 7/10

Originality 9/10

Aesthetics 8/10

Overall 8/10

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