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Saying no to Panda?

In the past two weeks I’ve seen this video at least 4 times, and it never gets old. It’s odd, absurd and still ridiculously funny.

From the moment in each when Buddy Holly kicks in, and this sinister panda makes his feelings very well-known I was glued to my screen in both a mixture of shock and laughter. I think it’s the eyes which really push it for me, and the use of silence.

The people in the adverts seem to be mixed when they see the panda, some are curious as to why this black and white bear is there, and others are fearful, as if they have just offended some type of cheesy deity. Either way it oozes a sense of authority, and mildly psychotic tendencies by the looks of it.

I hate that we rarely see adverts like this in Britain too. The only one close to it is the Halloween Snickers advert, one of my personal favourites – expect to see it on here soon.

Out of this little montage here, I love the hospital one. It’s just so creepy and dark, the silence that fills the room when the IV is pulled. They are all great though. Though it doesn’t tell me much about the cheese, it really promotes the brand.

Now for the showdown.

Content 7/10

Memorability 8/10

Originality 8/10

Aesthetics 7/10

Overall 7/10

2 comments on “Saying no to Panda?

  1. Alison
    February 5, 2013

    Sorry i cant agree with u on this one if this is a real add ide like to know which country it’s from.. it oozes Complete dictatorship mentality

    • adstonishing
      February 5, 2013

      It’s from Egypt I believe. I can see where you’re coming from, but I will have to disagree. The point of an advert is to sell a product and what is being done here is the company is merely saying they should buy their product, like any other advert would do. It’s not produced by the government, but by a cheese company. The threat here is jovial, and I thought that was implied. It’s interesting that you see it from that way though, thank you for the comment.

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