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Dumb (and long) Ways to Die

Let me begin by saying I don’t not like this advert, I just don’t love it. Watch it and maybe you’ll see why…

…Finished it yet? Yeah, it’s just too long for me. Three minutes is long for an advert anyway, and I understand a lot of this is about the song, not necessarily the message, but the repetition here is less that appealing to me. It may not be the most considerate thing to say, but if I was given the ultimatum of listening to this song on repeat over and over and over and over again (like what I did there?), jumping in front of a train, the train would be quite a tempting option.

This Happy Tree Friends/Darwin award rip off certainly has its amusing moments but it wasn’t until the very end I knew what the message was. Yes it is a message is very clear illustrating how many stupid ways to die, (which makes me wonder if there really are that many fools out there.) I’m not really sure what to think of it as an advert, but since listening it I must admit I have depressingly caught myself humming the tune.

To the ratings!

Content 6/10

Memorability 7/10

Originality 6/10

Aesthetics 7/10

Overall 6/10

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