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Just Go

I made a promise to myself I would avoid these adverts and keep this blog clean of them but I can’t on this case. It’s less anger really that has led me to this, but my disappointment in Stephen Hawking. To sink as low as he has done to this advert is disheartening to me. Yes at the start they were catchy, but now it just feels as comparable to being Rick Roll’d from my television.

Personally these adverts have just become irritating now. In an advertising sense they are great though as people know the brand now, it’s easily identifiable too but truth be told I had to rewatch this, depressingly enough, and try to figure out if this was for car or home insurance. It’s car by the way.

I won’t drag on with this, as really if you haven’t got anything nice to say you shouldn’t say anything at all. I figured that this meant I was allowed to type a little though.

Content 5/10

Memorability 7/10

Originality 3/10

Aesthetics 5/10

Overall 5/10

Perhaps I’m being too generous here, but believe me I do truly hope Gio Compario has been sucked into another dimension for others to deal with.

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