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Depressingly Memorable

I first saw this advert on my Facebook newsfeed. The person who shared the video added the comment “I can’t work out if this is brilliant advertising or just plain horrible.”

I strongly recommend you watch this advert first before reading any further as its power comes from the shock, and this is an advert you will only need, or want, to watch once.

Initially I thought it was purely about cancer, and research and donations, as you are drawn in closer and closer to  this mans battle. I think what was the most distressing part for me was watching his daughter throughout. Not only has she grown up with her father who is ill which would be very upsetting, when she thinks it is safe again, she witnesses her father die.

The image of his dead corpse too I found incredibly disturbing, not like any death you’d see in a Hollywood movie, this depiction is haunting.

Finally what I must praise is the use of sound in this advert. The song “I’m Here” by Sia is the backing track, though I doubt I can listen to it again without a part of my getting emotional inside. The only dialogue we are allowed are the horrible words where he tells his wife he has cancer (which is hardly audible), and then again at te end where panic ensues. The moment the voices of panic cut in highlight the realisation of terror even more, as life is taken away in such a sudden swoop.

Now I do think this advert is upsetting, and I can see why some people have been annoyed by it, (click-through and read some of the comments for yourself), but for this case I think it’s worth it.

Content 8/10

Memorability 10/10

Originality 10/10

Aesthetics 9/10

Overall 9/10

2 comments on “Depressingly Memorable

  1. catherineelaine
    January 30, 2013

    I was watching this video at work the other day and thought it was a really emotive, hard-hitting charity campaign. I think subverting the topic always works well and the shock is what’s most likely to encourage viewers to follow the call to action at the end. I’ve watched a lot of charity videos for my internship and this one is definitely one of the most memorable. Although if you’re looking for different sorts of memorable charity campaigns I recommend checking out the #FirstWorldProblems Anthem and Rhian Touches Herself on Youtube. Two very different tacts of getting a serious message across.

  2. adstonishing
    January 30, 2013

    Thanks, I’ll definitely take a look when I get a chance! But rewatching this over and over to write this nearly had me in tears in the computer cluster…

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