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What is Chanel’s N°?

This advert confuses me a lot. Well not the advert itself, but the ideas behind it. Brad Pitt advertising a women’s perfume? My first though was that Chanel were making a N°5 for men which got my nostrils flaring with excitement. Though then I realised Chanel aren’t Apple, not everything is a secret.

This is just their new advert. I’m not overly sure what Brad is trying to say in this advert. Wherever he goes he smells this? That this is “inevitable”. Hopefully not, as you would like to think Chanel carried a whiff of exclusivity around it. Maybe it’s an attempt to break down gender boundaries, or just a desperate plea to attract more females to the product, though how often do Chanel do desperation? It’s not an advert for the youth, where many fragrance adverts now contain nudity and loud music. It’s classic, like the brand.

One thing I can’t criticise at all is the look of the advert. The camera pans perfectly, the light is gorgeous, the definition is flawless. If I had to say one this is maybe Brad is looking a little scraggy for Chanel, like he needs grooming.

This certainly has had people talking though since it’s release at the end of last year, even with SNL parodying it. Oh well, it’s all publicity for Chanel right? I’m sure they’re not bothered.

To the ratings…

Content 5/10

Memorability 10/10

Originality 6/10

Aesthetics 9/10

Overall 7.5/10

Not a bad score at all… Do I smell success?

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