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Malignant Advertisement

Anti-smoking campaigns have rapidly spread in the last decade, to even the introduction of health warnings on packets, and the items being hidden in shops but this new advert really pushes limits.

The manner in which we see the tumour grow out of the cigarette identifies the cancer for people to see. Without this perhaps it is just a word, but here it’s truly being villainised and shows people the harm they are doing to themselves.

It’s rare an advert is used to tell people to stop doing something, especially if they aren’t selling a cure, but that is a side issue and is more down to prevention techniques by the NHS to save money in the long run by having to treat less smokers.

None of this is glamourised. From the smoker’s ill looks to the grotty environment he’s inhabiting, the scene is set perfectly and the idea that smoking is cool is vanquished instantaneously.

So, here’s my breakdown:

Content 9/10

Memorability 10/10

Originality 9/10

Aesthetics 9/10

Overall 9.5/10

Although this doesn’t appear to have a high budget, it’s highly effective and a great, hard hitting ad.

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