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The Plural of Prius is Genius

Here is the advert that I suppose broke the camel’s back, (here the camel’s back being my new blogs virginity).

Anyway, I’ve had this blog in the pipeline for a while now and this advert was the push I needed to actually begin. Plus it’s a new year now so it all works quite nicely!

So I’m a huge fan of wordplay anyway, and musicals, so this funny and very enjoyable amalgamation really makes this advert leap out me.

It’s very clear what this is advertising and appeals to all ages groups. Definitely more focused towards younger families thinking of expanding, this lighthearted advert can only do good things for Toyota’s image and their eco-friendly position in the market. It gives a good amount of information but lacks vital points like price. This is made up for though by the promotion of the brand and its social networking promotion through the Facebook plug at the end.

So many car adverts I’ve seen features big landscape shots, too much information and lots of speeding. This is different and catchy, but not in the irritating “Go Compare” way. The tune is fun and simple, giving it a childlike manner but not patronising at all.

So if I take this to a rating system:

Content 8/10

Memorability 9/10

Originality 8/10

Aesthetics 7/10

Overall 8/10

So to sum up, I love this advert. It’s inventive and fun, and certainly stuck in my mind.

Oh, and personally I think the plural is Prii, don’t you think?

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